Being a Successful Online Student

April 16, 2013

Thinking about registering for online courses next semester? Online courses can be a convenient alternative to campus courses for students who may not have the time, flexibility or the ability to travel to John Jay several times a week. Although, completing course requirements online may seem like a no brainer, knowing the requirements and expectations of online students before registering for an online course can prepare the student for success online.

Below is a list of what it takes to succeed as an online student:

  • Good Writing Skills – Online courses are primarily in written form with assignments ranging from discussion board topics to term papers. Clearly communicated written thought is required as this is the primary means of communication between the professor and students.
  • Self-Discipline – Online courses require commitment in order to be successful. The online student should be able to self manage their workload and deadlines to avoid falling behind in their courses.
  • Be Able to Commit 5 Hours per Week per Course – Online courses require a significant amount of reading, regular writing in place of class discussions, and engagement with assignments, quizzes and multimedia content. The time saved through online study–no commuting or waiting around for class to start–needs to be reinvested in actual learning.
  • Unlimited Access to the Internet – The online student should be able to access email and Blackboard on a daily basis, as this will be the primary means of communication between the professor and students. Regularly accessing your courses is essential to remain on track, and mobile apps make this easier every day.
  • An Open Mind – Keeping an open mind throughout the online semester will help the student accept a new way of learning. Online courses make use of new media, different approaches to learning and overcome barriers to participation that can arise in the campus classrooms.