PAD Fall 2013 Online Grad Courses

April 16, 2013

What’s below is the schedule of John Jay MPA courses offered online for Fall 2013.  The courses with an “IG99” section designation are open only to students in our online Inspector General Master’s program.  The others are generally available, including to students in other John Jay programs and other CUNY Colleges, with first priority for seats going to MPA students here at John Jay.

Disc Number Section Title Faculty
PAD 700 IG99 Public Administration O’Hara
PAD 701 98 Fraud Waste Abuse Rudyk
PAD 701 IG99 Fraud Waste Abuse Hamilton
PAD 704 99 Economics & PA TBA
PAD 705 99 Organization Theory & Management Freiser
PAD 713 IG99 Managing Information Technology Wandt
PAD 715 99 Research Methods Koetzle
PAD 723 IG99 HR Audits and Investigations Colvin
PAD 730 CRJ Policy Martin
PAD 742 IG99 Accounting for Inspection/Oversight Shapiro
PAD 743 99 Public Sector Financial Mgt. Lu
PAD 754 Investigative Techniques O’Neill
PAD 758 IG99 Ethics and Accountability Feldman
PAD 770 99 Quantitative Methods TBA

You can access the John Jay Schedule through the following CUNY site.


The menus lead you through the steps to narrow your search to John Jay Public Administration graduate courses offered online.  Students from other CUNY Colleges might also take a look at other John Jay graduate courses that might pique their interest or be applicable to finishing their “home college” degree*.


If you are a graduate student in another CUNY degree program–the Baruch MPA for instance–and you see a course below that seems to fill gaps in your degree program by matching up with courses you’ve yet to take, you will need to check the equivalency with your “home college” advisors (though it doesn’t hurt if you bring your own opinion of what’s equivalent to such a discussion).  If you have “free electives” to take and a John Jay course fits the bill, get clearance from your “home college” degree program.  With clearance from your home college degree program that specific courses here (or at any other CUNY college for that matter) will count towards your degree, you can then get a “permit” from your home college that is your ticket to register here at John Jay. The CUNY Portal has a link that can get you started with the paperwork, which students seeking “permits” should begin well in advance of the registration period.