Online Writing Tutoring

May 3, 2013

Are you an online student in need of assistance with a paper or looking to improve your writing skills?  There are online resources available to students who need writing tutoring.  The John Jay College Writing Center offers online tutoring to all John Jay College students, whether you are able to come into the writing center on campus or not.  The tutoring site is accessible from the writing center homepage through the John Jay College website ( and provides guidelines for signing in, scheduling an appointment with a tutor and attending an appointment online.

Purdue University also serves as a great writing resource for students through their Online Writing Lab (OWL).  Their OWL site includes many exercises to help improve grammar, punctuation, spelling and sentence structure.  The OWL link and exercises ( can be accessed by those who are not students of Purdue University, making it an additional way for John Jay College students to improve their writing skills.

Patrick O’Hara, a professor in the Department of Public Management, recommends that students make use of online “writing improvement” services. “Nothing is more important to being a successful manager in the public service than the ability to communicate effectively, whether at meetings, in face to face conversations or through reports, memos and emails. The difference is that what you write is permanent, gets passed around and defines you—for better or worse.”

Professor O’Hara urges students to settle on one writing improvement site, such as OWL, for self-help and to make strategic use of the John Jay Writing Center to take their class writing projects to the next level. “For the basics—grammar, knowing the right word to use—practice makes perfect.  Students who find an online self-help site that’s easy to get around and drills them in writing basics have taken control of their own improvement.”